Following their highly regarded 2017 debut Of Salt and Sea, Indianapolis’ PILLARS set out to challenge and ascend beyond their previous accomplishments on both ends of the spectrum. Lauded for their ability to deftly balance patient melodic passages with propulsive, fiery riffing, the songs had an immediacy and sense of direct purpose that shook post-rock listeners to attention. For their sophomore release, the band demonstrates an ever-sharpening focus on a profound exploration of the sounds and textures they’ve become known for, expanding both upon their dreamier meditations as well as the roaring immensity of their heaviest escalations. Cavum sees a version of PILLARS that has only grown in confidence and conviction; it’s a searing and fiercely determined set of compositions that leaves no doubt that this band is now an entrenched force to be reckoned with as the genre moves toward a new era.