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RELEASE DATE: 23rd April 2021

Here’s something you might not expect to hear: dunk!records will be releasing what may be one of 2021’s most infectiously danceable albums. Antwerp’s Go March has been blending myriad musical styles into rollicking anthems for more than a half-decade now, and their upcoming third album will be their first with our label. The brilliant method behind the madness lies in their ability to highlight the best elements of each genre landscape they traverse: the relentless rhythmic energy of krautrock, the last-night-on-Earth presence and immediacy of EDM, the nostalgia-laden ‘80s worship of synthwave, and the thoughtful, organic instrumentation of post-rock. At a trim four tracks, III instantly grips the listener, inducing a trance-like reverie and compelling an irrepressible desire to become immersed in perpetual motion.

The record gradually drones in on opener “Zipp,” but once the driving snyth line takes over around the thirty second mark any idea of monotony or pensiveness fall quickly by the wayside, and as the percussion joins a steady tightening of the grip ensues. The song has an intriguingly mysterious vibe about it, and remarkably manages to marry themes and moods that tie together krautrock hypnotics, early-2000’s dark house menace, and… 1980’s cop movie themes? Strange as it may seem on paper it works impressively well in practice. The trancelike retro techno vibes carry over into “Ortesei,” which works similarly in terms of rhythmic thrust while exploring much more exuberant melodic territory. “Stampede” then takes a turn into Crystal Method-reminiscent cyber-futuristic aggression, moving along breathlessly as it dodges and weaves toward III’s finale. Closing track “Droplets” then takes on an almost forgiving role as the one instance of mid-tempo composition, offering welcome relief after the pulse-pounding trio of songs that precede it.

III is a unique and invigorating record that finds a space where it can maintain fierce individualism even as it attacks a broad spectrum of influences. Although for all intents and purposes this should be quite niche, it in fact has a distinct approachability. As with dunk!festival veterans like Arms and Sleepers and worriedaboutsatan, Go March can just as easily be imagined translating to a crowded club in the city as they can the Forest stage at nightfall. III provides an enticing taste of the fervent energy pulsing through their music, a momentary glimpse into the experience that will undoubtedly compel listeners to seek much more.


A2 Ortisei
B1 Stampede
B2 Droplets

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