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This 9LP boxset is limited to 630 copies and includes:

• “The Others” 3LP – Transmuted Edition
• “[ Other ]” 2LP – Transmuted Edition
• “The Dark Places of the Earth” 2LP – Transmuted Edition
• “Beyond” 2LP – Transmuted Edition
• “Lustmord Skull” Slipmat
• “Logo” & “Skull” Pin
• Sticker & Patch
• Normal Tusk OR Silver Tusk (Ltd. to 50)

RELEASE DATE: 1/4/2022

Berlin-based independent music label Pelagic Records commemorates the work of electronic music pioneer LUSTMORD by releasing a boxset titled The Other, based around his tenth studio album [ O T H E R ], originally released in 2008 and to date the only LUSTMORD album with guitars on it, performed by Adam Jones (TOOL), King Buzzo (THE MELVINS) and Aaron Turner (ISIS).

Next to this seminal mid-career opus, the boxset contains the two remix albums Beyond and The Dark Places of the Earth, as well as a new 3LP album of Lustmord tracks reinterpreted by some of the spearheads of the contemporary heavy music scene – and beyond: ULVER, ENSLAVED, GODFLESH, MONO, ZOLA JESUS, BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE, STEVE VON TILL, IHSAHN, JAYE JAYLE, JO QUAIL, SPOTLIGHTS, KATATONIA‘s JONAS RENKSE, ALEXANDER HACKE‘s (EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN) new band HACKEDEPICIOTTO, as well as fellow Pelagic artists MONO, THE OCEAN, ÅRABROT and CROWN.

The Others (Lustmord Deconstructed) is a celebration of the fearless attitude of being different and the expression of unique ideas which have never existed before.

LUSTMORD is the artistic moniker of Brian Williams. Born in North Wales, he started his musical career in 1980 and soon became a pioneer in the early industrial music scene in the UK. He was a former member of SPK during arguably their most crucial era, and went on to work with THROBBING GRISTLE members Chris & Cosey as well as appearing on early albums by CURRENT 93, NURSE WITH WOUND and others. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1993, Williams worked on dozens of motion picture soundtracks including The Crow, Underworld and Paul Schrader’s First Reformed. Additionally he created several video game soundtracks, television scores and solo albums, as well as collaborating with artists as varied as THE MELVINS, CLOCK DVA, JARBOE, John Balance of COIL, Paul Haslinger (TANGERINE DREAM), PUSCIFER, Wes Borland and more, including Grammy Award-winners TOOL on their much acclaimed effort Fear Inoculum. To this day, Lustmord is actively recording and releasing music, his latest release being the collaborative album Alter with Karin Park of ÅRABROT, and he is considered to be the founding father of the dark ambient music genre.

What demonstrates the profound influence of Lustmord on this contemporary music underground showcased here is that artists from disparate ends of the sonic spectrum all feel inspired to explore the essence of his idiosyncratic sounds within their own realm: experimental electronica icons ULVER excel on a stunning, hazy rendition of ‘Godeater’, while Japanese post-rock act MONO deliver a crushing version of ‘Er Eb Os’, and THE OCEAN take us on a cathartically heavy mindtrip back to our ‘Primal [State of Being]’. In the end, each of these 16 artists delivers an interpretation that pays the deepest respect to this pivotal artist, while also standing out as a new track of its own.

As Williams himself often puts it in interviews: “Copying someone you like with the right equipment isn’t going to be the least bit interesting. What matters is that you have good ideas and interesting things to say.” The Others (Lustmord Deconstructed) is not only a tribute and an excellent entry points into the discography of the founding father of dark ambient. It is also a celebration of the most accomplished visionaries in the underground music scene of today, and a manifestation of what binds them together—an undeniable devotion to attitude over ability and the courage to remain in the shadows and be The Other.



A1 Lustmord Testament
A2 Lustmord Element
Guitar  Aaron Turner
B Lustmord Godeater
Guitar  Adam Jones
C1 Lustmord Dark Awakening
Guitar  Adam Jones
C2 Lustmord Ash
C3 Lustmord Of Eons
D1 Lustmord Prime [Aversion]
Guitar  King Buzzo
D2 Lustmord Er Ub Us
Guitar  Adam Jones
[The Dark Places Of The Earth]


E Lustmord Fallen
F Lustmord Atom
G1 Lustmord Ashen
G2 Lustmord Eon
H1 Lustmord Primal
H2 Lustmord The Last Days


I Lustmord Er Eb Es
J Lustmord Plateau
K Lustmord Trinity
L1 Lustmord Atoll
L2 Lustmord Er Eb Os
[The Others]


M1 Enslaved Eon
M2 Mono (7) Er Eb Os
M3 Ihsahn Dark Awakening
N1 Jo Quail Prime
N2 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Plateau
O1 Hackedepicciotto Trinity Past
O2 Ulver Godeater
P1 Jonas Renkse Er Eb Os
P2 Zola Jesus Prime
P3 Spotlights (3) Of Eons
Q1 The Ocean (2) Primal [State Of Being]
Q2 Crown (9) Element
Q3 Jaye Jayle Er Eb Es
R1 Godflesh Ashen
R2 Steve von Till, Harvestman Testament
R3 Årabrot The Last Days (See The Light)

PACKAGING: Vinyl (2.5 kg)