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 LP Gatefold – Black

RELEASE DATE: 03/09/21
Note:  Jinjer 'Wallflowers' is out on August 27.  Australian Physical stock will be available from September 3.   

Through their relentless hard work, non-stop touring and critically acclaimed/chart-topping releases gaining them over 250 million cross-platform streams/views – JINJER are inarguably one of modern metal's hottest and most exciting bands active today.

The band has become synonymous with doing things their own way and breaking every rule in the heavy metal handbook, which is keenly evident on their highly anticipated fourth studio album and follow up to the ground-breaking Macro album, Wallflowers.

The new album not only presents a methodical and premeditated next step in the band's already imposing career, but moreover, it mirrors the personal adversities they’ve faced due to the worldwide events over the last year. Wallflowers is not only an upgrade to the progressive groove metal sound that all JINJER fans crave, but also a sonic pressure cooker of technical musicianship, emotional fury and an intense soundtrack befitting the harrowing state of the world today.

Hailing from the conflict-ridden Ukrainian region of Donetsk but now calling Kiev their home base, JINJER truly do not mince words – or riffs – on Wallflowers.

Their exceptional precision of modern metal paired with tough as nails attitude has earned them a fiercely loyal, rabid fanbase and massive critical acclaim, making JINJER one of the most talked about bands today and garnering them many sold out performances across the globe.

With nearly all of JINJER’s releases composed between vans, backstage rooms and constant touring, Wallflowers continues where its predecessor Macro left off, only this time with less distraction and more time to focus on song writing.


Side A

  1. Call Me a Symbol
  2. Colossus
  3. Vortex
  4. Disclosure
  5. Copycat
  6. Pearls and Swine

Side B

  1. Sleep of the Righteous
  2. Wallflower
  3. Dead Hands Feel No Pain
  4. As I Boil Ice
  5. Mediator
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