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Ltd Edition 180g vinyl, limited to 100 units worldwide.

RELEASE DATE: 02/02/2024

Two years after releasing ‘Depressionland’, a formidable full-length debut that brought together elements of blackened metal, djent and panoramic, post-rock ambience; Berlin-based, heavy collective Bipolar Architecture are ready to unleash ‘Metaphysicize’, the next brutal evolution of their ground-breaking, genre-defying sound...

Hurtling into life in 2020,Bipolar Architectureis a project born from the smouldering ashes of stalwart death metal groupHeretic Soul. Having retained all the nihilistic fury of their former outfit, Bipolar Architecture introduced the forward-thinking ferocity of djent and hardcore as well as the atmospheric dynamism of post-rock and shoegaze, before debuting their searing new sound on their first EP‘The Tragic Protagonist’ which quickly turned heads and left ears ringing.

The international four-piece, collectively hailing from Istanbul and Berlin, are intent on using their years of experience in the heaviest music scenes to push at the boundaries of contemporary metal. By mixing classic death-metal aggression and with cutting-edge production and processing techniques,

Bipolar Architecture have created a balance of sound that is raw, frenzied and extreme whilst also nuanced, refined and pliable. On ‘Depressionland’, the band’s 2022 debut full-length, this truly progressive approach was realised in full as frontman, rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter Sarp Keski’s unmistakable banshee howl soars overFatih Kanık’spunishing blast beats and delay-soaked euphoria courtesy of lead guitaristMarcus Sander and bassist Enes Akovalı; unifying Bipolar Architecture’s diverse influences whilst simultaneously holding them poles apart for maximum, abrasive impact.

If ‘Depressionland’ was a distillation of Bipolar Architecture’s signature sonics though, 2024’s sophomore album ‘Metaphysicize’ is alchemical gold. Still determined to drive at the bleeding edge of extreme metal, ‘Metaphysicize’ uses the existentialist, introspective themes of ‘Depressionland’ as fuel for an even deeper, more haunting exploration of the human condition. Tracks such as ‘Immor(t)al’ and ‘Dysphoria’ resound with a musical maturity and patience testament to experience gained and lessons learned, whilst ‘Disillusioned’ and ‘Alienated’ shake with all the full-throttle, apocalyptic indignation of the band’s blackened metal origins. Significantly, ‘Metaphysicize’ is also Bipolar Architecture’s first work to feature lyrics in Keski’s native Turkish; sitting at the heart of the record, the swirling post-rock suspense and white-knuckle thrash metal of ‘Kaygi’ is a perfect embodiment of the album’s dichotic balance of culture, genre, calm and chaos.

The compositional confidence and sheer scale of ‘Metaphysicize’ is complex, even daunting at times and yet also empowering. By defying the presumptive restriction of lazy labels and genre pigeonholing, Bipolar Architecture leave their shape unfixed and their future ripe with potential; because life at the edge of extreme is so much better without limits.


Side A

1. Metaphysicize
2. Disillusioned
3. Death of The Architect


Side B

5. Alienated

6. Immor(t)al

7. Dysphoria

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