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LONG DISTANCE CALLING // ERASER - Limited Coloured Recycled 2LP

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LONG DISTANCE CALLING // ERASER - Limited Coloured Recycled 2LP

RELEASE DATE: 26/08/2022

For 16 years now, the Germany based four-piece LONG DISTANCE CALLING is famed and cherished for its weightless yet massive music, yielding seven full- length records and countless absorbing live shows all over Europe.

The latest studio album of the instrumental rock/progressive metal quartet "How Do We Want To Live?" (2020) charted at #7 in the German Album Charts, they are consistently developing their sound and are conquering new fans with each new release.

LONG DISTANCE CALLING brings the tradition of great progressive rock to a new generation of fans who refuse to consume fast food music, and has become a modern benchmark for imaginative, progressive and proudly eccentric heavy (and not so heavy) music.

Their eighth album is titled "Eraser": a direct and heartfelt tribute to the gradual erosion of nature at the hands of mankind. It is dedicated to the world's endangered species, with each song representing one particular creature facing extinction.



  1. Enter: Death Box
  2. Blades
  3. Kamilah
  4. 500 Years
  5. Sloth
  6. Giants Leaving
  7. Blood Honey
  8. Landless King
  9. Eraser
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