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RELEASE DATE:29th Jan 2021

The New York City duo The American Dollar have been a fairly prolific outfit since the early 2000’s, but they picked the right year to double down on that productivity. Our second collaboration with these masters of chilled-out ambient pieces is the sequel to their April 2020 release, unveiled only a few months afterward. In past years, an album such as this may have been characterized differently. It may have helped create a bubble for a student studying in the school library or put someone in a comfortable zone during a train commute; these kinds of mood sketches often serve as the soundtrack to inner calm as the world rushes busily around the listener. But in 2020 the context pivoted, and as the presence of consistent human interaction transitioned from tangible to tangential, many of us discovered that our stressors began to come from within. This is a moment in which an album like LoFi Dimensions 2 shifts from pleasurable to pivotal.

Even at twenty-one tracks, LoFi Dimensions 2never wears itself or the listener out. It deftly weaves through each sketch, propelled by a distant but seemingly ever-present thrum of static that plays a strangely comforting role in the proceedings. Although this is an album of many brief ideas, there is a perpetual, soothing flow, a smooth elegance, and a quiet grace that pull you into its irresistible warmth. For a record comprised almost entirely of low-key compositions largely characterized by their consistent tranquility, it possesses a sustained immediacy that is a testament to the strength of these seasoned songwriters. Every time you drop the needle on LoFi Dimensionsyou’ll find yourself surprised when it reaches its end; not many 21-track records can fly by without the listener ever breaking concentration to check where they’re at in the track listing.

As we continue to diversify the kinds of sounds we pursue at the label, we find ourselves grateful to enter into alliances with groups that are delivering multi-dimensional value. The American Dollar represents a new limb on the dunk!records family tree, and we believe it’s a strong one that will support a previously underserved yet vitally important and ever-present demographic in our listenership. We hope that you not only find enjoyment of the music but enrichment of the spirit, a reassurance during trying times that there is still peace to be had. Albums like LoFi Dimensions 2 are the kind of integral recordings that can help us all remain centered until we can see one another once again.


A1 Far AwayMessage
A2 Atlantis
A3 Vintage Photos On My Table
A4 Cocoa Beach
A5 My Morning
A6 Wake Up High
A7 Stumbling Into
A8 Blue Sunglasses
A9 In Flight, Speeding Forward
A10 Honey
B1 Mi Perro
B2 Urban Adventure
B3 Chilly Afternoon
B4 Lies And Lies
B5 I Asked And You Smiled
B6 Emerald Portal
B7 Night Living
B8 Petit Dancer
B9 Canoa Bordada
B10 Pharoah
B11 Floating On A River

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