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RELEASE DATE: 02.09.2022

Following a chance meeting at a gig back in 2017 between Kurt and Clint, absence had entirely made the heart grow fonder following Clint's departure from the band in 2012 and the ultimate disbanding of The Butterfly Effect announced back in 2016.

And from fortuitous meetings to reuniting the original lineup back in 2018, The Butterfly Effect soon set their sights on album #4, bringing in the likes of Forrester Savell, Nick DiDia, Matt Bartlem, Clint Vincent, Luke Palmer and Stuart Stuart to bring various pieces of the new release to life; and the end result for IV is nothing short of electrifying.

Journeying through love and hate, gains and losses, highs and lows, life and death and beyond, IV burrows into themes of dreams and the realities of the dichotomies of life, as well as the variables we all face on a daily basis.

Opening with hazy, brooding intensity via title track IV, the broader IV album brushes with soaring melodics (Dark Light), crushing textures (The Other Side), searing riffage (Nil By Mouth) and a horde of inspiration from the likes of Faith No More, Gojira, Jeff Buckley and Deftones. Showcasing The Butterfly Effect at their most elegantly ferocious and focused to date, there's significant balance throughout IV between show-stopping rock and riffing roar alongside significantly hard-hitting thematics, as Glenn elaborates, "It feels like there's lots of contemplation of death and rebirth. Disconnection and then reconnection.

The temporary nature of time, the passing of dreams, getting older, dealing with change, finding new meaning in life. All of these are completely understandable when you consider the history of the band over the last 10 years and where we all find ourselves as we get older". A band significantly well-versed in writing, recording and life on the road, The Butterfly Effect remain one of the all-time Australian greats of their generation, from their critically-acclaimed previous releases to their voracious live shows, both at home and abroad.

And while the upcoming new album may be arriving at a very different stage of life, both for the band personally and their legion of lifelong fans, IV is a textbook example of expecting the unexpected, offering a chance for a collection of songs to finally leap into the world alongside freshly written material, as Clint shares, "I am so happy we got here to this point in time. Some of these songs were written straight after Final Conversation of Kings and would have been on the next album had we stayed together. So for these songs to see the light of day and for us to be able to present them to all who wish to listen is a huge privilege and a moment I won't forget."


  1. IV
  2. Dark Light
  3. Wave Of Tides
  4. Nil By Mouth
  5. The Other Side
  6. So Tired
  7. Unbroken
  8. Great Heights
  9. Start Again
  10. Visiting Hours

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